Quadran is a complete solution for importers and distributors of bulk pre-manufactured commodities.

Who's Quadran for?

Importers of bulk commodities, such as fiber, plastics, and other pre-manufactured goods purchasing in container quantities, and selling in full truck load, less than a truck load and smaller quantities.


Quadran contains complete support for tracking your product flow from purchase order inception, in-bound shipping logistics, shipment routing and rating, in-land shipment segment scheduling, dock scheduling, inventory life cycle, sales orders, sales projections, and much more.

Optimize Your Product Pipeline

With Quadran's complete view of your incoming inventory, on-hand inventory, booked sales and projections you have the tools to optimize your supply chain. Quadran provides a complete overview of you product flows providing the business intelligence necessary for todays purchasers dealing with typical import lead times.

The Quadran inventory system uses what we call an "early inventory" model. As soon as a purchase order is placed in the system lots are created in inventory.