Adding a New Foreign Affiliate

What is a foreign affiliate?

A foreign affiliate is any Mason who wishes to join a lodge in your Grand Jurisdiction who does not belong to a lodge in your Grand Jurisdiction.

Before you can vote on the petition for affiliation of a foreign Mason you must get clearance to do so from your Grand Lodge via the Grand Secretary.

How does MORI handle foreign affiliates?

The MORI system is designed to collect information about foreign affiliates, which is conveyed to your Grand Lodge to allow them to check the status of the brother. Once the brother’s status has been ascertained the affiliation will either be approved or denied. If your Grand Lodge approves a petition for affiliation by a foreign Mason, then and only then can the lodge ballot on the petition.

Entering a Petition for a Foreign Affiliate

On the main menu go to: Membership -> Add Foreign Affiliate. This form is separated into three sections. The top section contains basic information, like name, spouse, birthplace, etc.

The second section requires the initiation, passing and raising date for the member, as well as the lodge they currently belong to. The last column is a drop down list of all of the Jurisdictions recognized by your Grand Lodge.

Checking the Status of a Foreign Affiliation

On the main menu go to: Membership -> Pending Foreign Affiliations.

This page is separated into four sections: New, Pending, Approved and Denied. Pending foreign affiliations when first entered into the system, before Grand Lodge has taken any action on them, will be in the new section. Once Grand Lodge has begun to work on a petition it will be in the pending section. If a petition has been approved it will be moved to the approved section. If a petition is denied it will be moved to the denied section. While a petition is moving through the process there will be notes attached to it, which can be reached through the link in the options column. These notes will allow you to see what actions Grand Lodge has taken, and what responses they have received from the foreign jurisdiction.