Part II: Assigning Member Types

In this section we're going to learn a simple way to assign a member type to every member of our lodge. Fortunately MORI has a feature that allows this to all be done on one screen. You dont' need to look up every member of your lodge individually.

It is necessary that you have created your member types from our first installment before doing this step.

The Initialize Dues Page

On the MORI Menu go to: Financial -> Initialize Dues.

You can see that the form is divided into two parts, one for active members and a second for inactive members. We're only going ot be dealing with active members in this setup.

The form has four columns:

  • The members GL# and name, which you can click to view the members complete record,
  • A select list to set the member's lodge member type,
  • An input field to enter the amount in arrears the member owes,
  • An input field to enter the amount in current years dues the member owes.

We are only going to be dealing with the second column in this installment, so please don't enter anything into the arrears and dues columns until I have covered them. Doing so could really create a lot of unnecessary work if it is done wrong.

Setting the Member Types

Setting the member type or a member is very easy. In the "Member Type" column there is a select list for each member. Clicking this list will cause it to open up.

Click the member type you wish to assign to each member on the list next to their name. Once you have set the member type for all of your active members click the "update" button, and all of your information will be saved.

Once you have set a members type via the "Initialize Dues" screen you can not change it again on the "Initialize Dues" page. If you enter a member's type incorrectly and need to change it go to: Membership -> Find Member, look the member up, click the edit button next to their name, then set the member type on the "Member Data" tab, and click "save."

In our next installment we will learn about arrears and dues.