Generating Dues Notices for a New Year

In this section we will cover: printing end of year reports, rolling current dues to arrears, generating new dues receivables entries, and printing dues notices.

Part I: End of Year Reports & Closing the Year

In this series of posts I will cover how to create new receivables entries for every member of your lodge, and roll any balances due to arrears automatically. We will also cover how to setup your dues notices, and print them, along with labels.

If you have not gone through the initial dues setup procedure please go to: Getting Started With Dues.

Print End of Year Reports

It is recommended that you print a few reports before rolling your dues to the next year. MOR provides reports for:

  • Payments Made
  • Dues and Arrears Owed
  • Dues Owed
  • Arrears Owed

Printing a copy of the "Payments Made" report for the year you are about to close, and a copy of the "Dues and Arrears Owed" is a good idea. You should print these repors and place them in a file, and label them final for the year you are closing.

Go to: Financial -> List Paid / Unpaid.

We'll assume that you are in the process of closing the year for 2006. So, enter 2006 in the "Year" input field on the "Payments Made" line and click the print button. This will download a PDF file that you can save on your computer for future reference, as well as print. The name of the file will be: PaidDuesReport.pdf.

Next on the "Dues and Arrears Owed" line select "active members" from the select list, and then click the "print" button. The name of the report will be: UnpaidDuesAndArrearsReport.pdf.

Save these reports, either by printing them in hard copy or changing their names to something like "PaidDuesReportFinal2006.pdf" for permanent record keeping.

Generating New Receivables Entries and Rolling Balances Due to Arrears

Generating new entries for your upcoming year is easy.

First we will check to be sure that our lodge member types are configured correctly. Go to: Lodge -> Member Types on the menu. Be sure that all of the amounts are correct for each member type in your lodge. If you need to make a change enter the new amount in the "Change Dues" column and click the "update" button.

Now go to: Financial -> Setup Dues. We're going to assume you are in the process of closing the year for 2006, and you want to generate dues entries for 2007.

In the "Year" input field enter "2007" and click the "setup" button. This process will roll any amount still due for 2006 dues and roll it to arrears, the create a new dues receivables amount for each member for 2007 according to their lodge member type. (NB: MORI automatically knows that honorary members are not charged dues, so you don't need to worry about that.)

Now, if you were closing the year 2007 and generating dues for 2008, you would enter 2008 in the "Year" input field instead of "2007".

You have now printed final reports for the year you were closing, rolled all past due amounts to arrears, and generated new receivables entries for the new year. In the next installment we will learn how to setup our dues notices, and print them.

Part II: Generating Notices

In our last installment we covered printing end of year reports, verifying our lodge member types, and changing their dues amounts if necessary, and closing the year and creating the new receivables entries for the new year's dues.

In this installment we'll cover:

  • Configuring our dues notices,
  • Printing our dues notices, and
  • Printing the labels for our dues notices.

Configuring Your Dues Notices

To configure your dues notices go to: Lodge -> Dues Notices

Figure 1

This page is separated into a left and right section. The fields on the left are used to enter what you want to appear on your dues notice. The panel on the right shows you a preview, in real time, of what the dues notice will look like.

The fields on the left are color coded to the area on the dues notice that they change, see #1, #2, and #3 on Figure 1.

Fill in the fields on the left until you have the dues notice looking the way you want it to, then click the save button on the lower left. (Figure 1 #4)

Printing Dues Notices

Go to: Lodge -> Dues Notices if you are not already there.

Click the "print" button in the lower right. (Figure 1 #5)

This will bring you to the Print Dues Notices Page.

Figure 2

You can select which lodge member types to print dues notices for, this defaults to all lodge member types. (Figure 2 #1) You can sort the notices by name or zip code. (Figure 2 #2) You can print either three notices to a page, or one to a page. (Figure 2 #3). Set these controls to your liking.

You are now ready to print your notices. Click the "preview notices" button (Figure 2 #4), this will generate a PDF file, which will be downloaded to your computer. This will either open in your browser, your browser will ask you where to save it, or will download to your default download folder.

If the PDF opened directly in your browser you can print it directly from there. If the file was downloaded and saved on your hard drive, find it and open it, then print it from there.

Printing Dues Labels

Once your notices have printed click the "preview labels" button. (Figure 2 #5) This will generate a PDF file of your labels. Print this using the same process as you did for the dues notices. These labels will be in Avery 5160/8160 format (three across by ten down).